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Language Arts has three components--Writing, Literature, and Grammar


Are you frustrated with teaching your student how to write? Writing isn't meant to make students cringe and completely shut down. We teach a specific technique that provides a workable template so your student can write anything from a 5-paragraph essay to a 10-page research paper. 


Covered Writing Genres

Personal Narrative ~ Reflective

Informative  ~ Compare and Contrast

Literary Analysis ~ Persuasive

Research ~ Poems ~ Speeches



Voracious readers make creative and bold writers. An education filled with quality literature is priceless. We will read and discuss classics and modern novels.

Sample of Novels

Wonder ~ Ragweed ~ Charlotte's Web

Esperanza Rising ~ The Wild Robot

The Outsiders ~ Hello Universe

Tuck Everlasting ~ The Giver

Lord of the Flies ~ Ender's Game

To Kill a Mockingbird ~ Fahrenheit 451



Mastering language conventions are the building blocks to becoming a strong writer and a competent reader. We will focus on sentence structure, punctuation, and capitalization.

Example of Topics Covered

Nouns ~ Phrases ~ Tenses ~ Articles

Conjunctions ~Predicate ~ Pronouns

Prepositions ~ Modifiers ~ Agreement

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